Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Victories and Defeats

(Uploading pictures on this is tricky so my summary is a bit out of touch with the pictures. Sorry!)
We had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and long weekend. We spent Thursday afternoon and evening enjoying a delicious meal and the company of our friends (and Virginia family) at the Bickfords. They have a tradition of hosting those folks who don't go "home" for the holiday and we joined several other Circuit City families to celebrate. It's lots of food,wine, laughs and football . . . and this year I provided delicious gravy and EVEN more laughs than usual with a dinnertime catastrophe. That's for another post, though. We are so thankful to have them as friends!
Friday morning Derek began his usual Black Friday at 4am helping with crowd control at the stores. He and some coworkers decided they could use some FUN in these tough times and organized a flag football game for the afternoon. I have to say I was nervous and thought they might be better off watching football instead, but the kids and I trekked up to watch anyway. Boy, for a bunch of corporate guys, they sure did play some great football. And, I could tell that was just what they needed. The kids loved watching Daddy, Charlie, Phil, Matt, Doug, Keith and many other CC coworkers run around like little kids. No major injuries, Derek's team was victorious, and my next worry . . . would the soreness pass in time for the work week on Monday?

Avarie and Tate found some other friends to play football with and then they borrowed some toys, and the car for some more fun. Avarie batted her eyes at everyone there to get them to push her up and down the hill in the little car.

It was getting cold and now it was time for some BUFFALO football! So, we headed over to Doug and Chrissy's to watch the Black Friday Bowl - CU vs. Nebraska. Well, let's just say the food was great, the friends were fun, and ...the Buffs were not victorious like Daddy's team. Bummer! Tate shed a few tears when Cody Hawkins' last pass was tipped and intercepted. Then, after a few moments to gather himself, he blurted out, "I know what the problem is...something is different...the problem is HIM!" As he said this, he turned and pointed to our friend Phil who is behind Tate in the picture in the Nebraska shirt. Usually Phil cheers for the Big 12 with us when we watch the Buffs, but he cheers for the Huskers too. Well, leave it to Tate to turn that frown upside down. Sorry, Phil, we forgive you!
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving where you are too!

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I was sad about the buffs, too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!