Monday, November 24, 2008

New Camera!!!

I think Derek and I realized how important a camera would be the day Tate was born. We received a nice digital camera as a wedding present from a vendor when Derek was the camera buyer at Soundtrack. That one camera has documented everything since then and has always taken GREAT photos, easy to operate, great size, durable. Well, apparantly eveything has its day and that camera's day came last week when it informed me that it couldn't read the memory card. What?!?! After I tried a few memory cards, made a trip to the camera store, and the specialized camera repair man, the sad reality was that the camera bit the dust. I sulked over it for a few days, not ready to make friends with a new one. Well, Derek is not the camera buyer anymore so there was no great gift this time. But we were able to find a new version of our old one and we tested it out last night during Sunday Night Funtime on the Bridge (that's what Tate calls this playtime.) So far so good . . . it's going to get a test this week with my Ebay listings and as we enter the holiday season. Hope it can last as long as the last one!
Run, Tate, run!!! Daddy has been hiding . . .

Avarie needs a break . . . Daddy is scary, she says.

Mommy's turn - and Avarie's turn to have CHUBBY CHEEKS!!!

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