Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tra La La ~ Tate's Holiday Performance

Tate has gone to the same preschool for 3 years now, and loves the weekly music jamboree. All the teachers chuckle at Tate singing away each week. Last year we were in Colorado and missed the Christmas performance, so this year the teachers let me know in September to plan my travel accordingly - that the date was set for December 16th. Well, we aren't travelling this year and were priveleged enough to be entertained by the Woodlake Preschool in holiday song yesterday. Derek, Avarie, Mary and I were there to enjoy their smiling faces and happy voices. I wish I had more video to share but it didn't come out too great. What I do have is a bit shaky from me giggling at my son.

Take a look

Oh man! As a teacher/mom, I know I'm in trouble! He is my paybacks for sure, because I have heard stories about me at preschool and elementary school programs. I missed the warm up to the song because I was having a moment of inappropriate laughter - him feeling his throat, wiggling his arms, and dancing as he prepared for his peformance.

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