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Monday, March 26, 2012


We admit it...we jumped on the bandwagon as the Broncos finished the season. The boys learned how to root for different teams, cheer for your team and be quiet if you can't cheer for the other team. Todd and Tate sure shocked me the night Tebow had the amazing drive to win their big game.

Guess Tate will need a Manning jersey next season...

Happy 11th Birthday, Enzo

Enzo hit the double toothpicks this year and celebrated with friends and a trip to Laser Quest. He is such a great oldest kid - empathetic, smart, sensitive, and witty. He has made Honor Roll for as long as I've known him and still comes in to give us hugs good night, right on the dot at 9:30. He requested an Oreo version of the cheesecake that Todd had made for New Years. Todd and I absolutely LOVE to make our kids' birthday cakes and this cake was delicious!
We shuttled the boys up to do some laser tag and the girls and I did some grocery shopping while they played. We picked up some sweaty boys and headed home for cake and presents.

Enzo and the boys clowning around at Laser Quest - Westin, Dylan, Christian, Matthew, Colby, Tate and Enzo

Enzo and his Oreo Cheesecake, per request

Enzo and his new Redskins gear

New Years 2011

After a big trip to NYC, we decided to keep it low key for New Years. Low key for us though means Molly driving 5 hours to Baltimore to pick up Tate and Avarie while Todd spends the day running errands and cooking dinner and dessert for a party. That's why we are a team - because when I say "dinner and dessert" I really mean chicken and penne for the kids, shrimp and grits for the adults, and a layered peppermint cheesecake for dessert. Oh, you know, just dinner and dessert :)

The McCartys and my co-worker/Avarie's teacher/ my friend Laura and her family came over. Nana and Paw Paw were there for a bit but Nana was still recovering so they had to leave early.

The kids partied like crazy, pretty sure they put us to shame. The benefit of having a full band practice area in the basement is that it's easy to create a dance party that anyone can love.

The girls getting ready for the big countdown.

Morgan was a little frustrated with the party but she turned that frown upside down in no time.

The kids taking a turn at Todd's drum set

Bridgette, Laura and I as we rang in 2012

Happy New Year!