Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tate Speaks

Tate has been home with me and Avarie this week since the county schools are off for conferences. I love having him home and can't imagine how quiet it will be next year when he goes to kindergarten. Here's two conversations . . .

I brought Avarie into our room while I finished getting ready and put her on the couch with Tate. They were watching their usual morning fare of "Arthur" and "Martha Speaks" when he started to get a little sentimental with her.
Tate: Avarie, I love you. You are my best sister I ever had. I'm so glad you came to live at our house.
Avarie: Yeah, me.
Tate: You are my best buddy. (Now hugging (wrestling) her off the couch to be sure he has her full attention.) Avarie, I love you. Buddy, guess what? I get to stay home with you two days this week. I have no school because the big kids are out of school. Buddy, did you hear me?
Avarie: uhhh-huuuuh (This is the standard answer when she doesn't really understand. A happy affirmative.)
Tate: Avarie, aren't you so HAPPY to get to play with me? We are bestest buddies, and I love you. Am I your best buddy too?
Avarie: No. . . No, Tate.
Tate: Mom, Avarie is not understanding us this morning. She is answering the wrong things I am asking her.

I love listening to them!

Then today Tate was in examining the jack-o-lanterns that are now in the foyer waiting to go with the trash tomorrow. I thought I knew where this would go, but I was wrong. I thought he would be so sad that Halloween is over and "what time" (how long until) we can carve pumpkins again.
Tate: Mommy . . . something is going on in here. These pumpkins are. . . are. . . are. . .
(I'm smiling and listening in the other room, ready with "Halloween will come again next year. Don't worry, there are lots of other things to look forward to.")
Tate: Well, they are not happy. On Sid the Science Kid they said a word DECAY. That's it, mom, the sad news is that our pumpkins are in decay. Do you know that word?
Me: Wow, Tate, that's a big word.
Tate: Yes, I know. I learned it and wanted to try it out and this is the perfect chance. Our pumpkins are decaying. I think I will look to see if anything else is in decay around here.

Seriously?! I think I better donate to PBS for my kids for Christmas. I wonder if they know what they have created in my house.


Nikki said...

That is too cute. They are so little, but so smart! I love conversations with my kids.

Melissa said...

Gotta love PBS. One day in the car my son Matthew was telling me all these things that he knew (half of it learned from TV), and I was impressed at some of the things he was spouting out. It was raining, and he says, "I even know what kind of clouds those are, Mommy." I thought, if he busts out a technical term for the clouds I am going to have to call MENSA. "Those are rain clouds." Nice.