Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We had a great trip to New York last weekend for Derek's cousin Anne-Marie's wedding. We drove the 6 hour trip to the city on Thursday in about 8 hours with stops for food, stretches, diaper changes and potty breaks. We really lucked out with traffic, only having to slow down 2 times, over the Delaware bridge and the Holland Tunnel. Derek drove us right up 8th Ave to our hotel - weaving in and out and tailgating just like a native, or a taxi driver. I was glad he was driving! We met all of Derek's family, aunts, uncles, cousins, many of whom he hadn't seen for 20 years, for the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, Grandpa treated all of us to a bus tour of the city. Tate loved riding on top of the bus and we saw most of Manhattan including the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, boats at the piers, bridges, and Central Park. It was a great touristy view of the city. Tate's highlight was the Statue of Liberty; Daddy's highlight was seeing Edyta from Dancing with the Stars, although we didn't get a picture. Derek went to the wedding on Saturday night and was in awe of the beautful Catholic church, although his photography didn't do the church any justice. I stayed with the kids until Derek returned from the party, at which time Ms. Avarie decided she would relish her stay in "the city that doesn't sleep" by staying up all night. Needless to say, I made friends with the bellman and concierge in the hotel lobby from 2am until 7am. We were also lucky enough to see Uncle Davin and the cousins come in at around 5am. Good thing we love 'em!

Saturday morning we left the big city to head out to Middletown, NY for a family barbecue at Derek's Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda's house. We had lots of good food and good laughs about the weekend adventures as we enjoyed a beautiful, chilly fall day.

We drove home Sunday through the Pocono Mountains and down through Baltimore. Now we have a new place we want to visit - the Poconos were beautiful. The kids were FANTASTIC on the 8 hour drive home and Derek got to listen to the Bronco game and watch the 2nd half at home. Not too bad for a 4 day weekend!

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Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Wow, you guys are adventure-some! Sounds like a blast! I'd love to go back east this time of year (maybe someday, you know when the twins are like 10 and Jeff and I are too old to "live it up"!)! We're headed to Denver tomorrow, up and back, give me a call and I'll fill you in on the details! Much love, Ang & Co.

Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

Now I want to see NY more than ever - I am so glad to see a picture with all of you in it! You look great