Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October - Halloween already?!

When I created our blog, I thought I'd be able to update it at least every few weeks. Well, October got away from me! Derek was gone three weekends and two whole weeks, so that added a bit of excitement. He was in New Orleans for a week with Circuit City and Wyclef (youtube link to come later) and then he went to Tokyo and Seoul for a week to visit factories. We all missed him and Tate asked everyday, "What time Daddy gets home?" Now he knows the days of the week and was eagerly counting down to Daddy's return each time.

The kids and I have been busy about town, around the house and to the doctor's office. Although it took a long time for the fall temperatures to arrive in Richmond, the fall colds arrived in October. Happily, Tate almost fended his off by himself but needed no asthma treatments!!! Avarie has battled an ear infection for most of the month and finally had 4 injections of Rosephin to try to kick it. We're keeping our fingers crossed. In the big scheme, I can handle the run around to each of their doctors offices; it could be worse.

Tate has been a big help around the house cleaning out closets for Mommy's ebay sales. He helps me find the items and then package them up. His favorite is putting the stickers on the package. It has been a great way for me to stay busy and earn a little spending money for shopping on ebay. So far, I've made enough to buy Avarie's car seat, and snow gear for the kids for our Colorado trip in December. October has also included trips to art class, the zoo, and Tate's new favorite, the LIBRARY. He loves to pick out books and can't wait for Daddy to read them at night. Avarie is still a happy tag along, for the most part. She is 8 months old already and is ready to crawl. She easily pivots and scoots around on her belly, but then fusses because she can't roll over to her back. Tate has learned the hard way that she will scoot over to whatever she wants, even a lego tower and coloring books.

Of course, Halloween has also been on our minds. We were very anxious and decorated the house, got some fall plants and pumpkins for outside. Then, it was like summer for most of the month. Tate was wearing his pumpkin shirt with shorts and sandals. It finally cooled down, and got cold, so we bundled up for a parade at preschool and Trick or Treating. Tate dressed up as Dash, from The Incredibles, and Avarie dressed up as a flower. Tate happily filled up his ghost bucket and shared the candy with us at home.

Here's some pictures of the kids this month.


Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

I've been waiting for an update! I'm so glad you made it through a long month of sickness and Derek being gone. The kids look great and I hope halloween was as fun for you all as it was for us!

Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

I'm like you, "where did October go?" I finally upddated our blog today but feel very behind in lots of things! Talk to you soon!

Dave, Steph and Michael said...

Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy! The kids are so cute - hopefully Michael and I will be in DC soon to visit my sister and can come down to Richmond to see you all. I know what you mean about being behind on the blog postings!