Friday, September 7, 2007

Pool's Closed - now what?

Well, this requires some confidence in our friends and family that they will not judge our housekeeping abilities (or disabilities). There was a week in between the closing of the pool and the start of preschool and, even with errands and outings everyday, the playroom took a beating. Check out what can happen when a 3 year old is anxiously awaiting the start of preschool yet it's still too hot to play outside. We affectionately call Tate a "whirling dervish" when a mess like this appears. Avarie contributed in her own way by unloading her 1 basket of baby toys and drooling all over them.

Here's a few pictures of the playroom and of our last day at the pool.

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Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Oh my! Is that what I have to look forward to (x2)? Hudson and Hailey have the drooling thing down. Hudson has a tooth that poked through the other day (bottom left), it's pretty sharp but not too visible yet. Thank goodness for the pool, it must have been a life saver while it lasted. Hope preschool is fun for Tate. I can't believe how beautiful Avarie is, especially those eyes (just like you and Tate). Talk to you soon!