Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas...a little early

Ava and Avarie with the nativity set that Nana gave us a few years ago - a Christmas favorite

The preview - in case it's hard to see - that's 3 bikes, 5 hand tied fleece blankets, 7 stockings, 1 giant Kitchenaid Mixer, and countless other items of joy!

The beginning of the morning - notice me with my coffee and two boys wrapped in fleece

Westin got a Redskins jersey, probably his favorite gift

The boys got the very coveted Skylanders which I thought Todd went a little overboard on, but then stores haven't been able to keep them in stock for more than 10 minutes since then. So, I stand corrected.

Nana and Papa got roller skates for the girls because we have the perfect air hockey table in the basement for them to practice around!

2011 was not our year for big Christmas morning because all the children were to be at their other parents' house for the morning of the 25th. We decided that it would be best to just do the whole thing a day early, so we went to sleep on December 23 after Christmas at the McCarty's and woke up to Christmas joy on Christmas Eve. It was perfect! Santa did not visit our house but that was ok because Harrison the Elf had already brought us so much Christmas magic. The kids slept in until 7 and then enjoyed every last bit of what they opened. These kids are truly the happiest bunch you'll ever meet and were so appreciative of everything Todd and I put into planning presents for them. I think they each got a few things they asked for, and they each got a few surprises that they didn't even know they wanted. Todd and I enjoyed watching them and opening a few things for them to play with. The girls were thrilled with their little white puppies that walk on a leash, closest thing we will have to a real dog for now. Todd and I got to enjoy some coffee and quiet time opening gifts together too...a new professional mixer for all these birthday cakes we make, some spectacular new jewelry, fancy headphones for my drummer, and most of all, the compete and utter joy that a happy family can bring you!
It was a quick morning because we had to get packed up, get Todd's kids to their mom and get my kids to the train to go to their dad. Next up, train ride to Philly and then NYC for Todd and I.

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