Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas for 2 in NYC

Divorce and shared custody of our children is something Todd and I always describe as Bittersweet. There is nothing we would want more than to have our kids every day and every holiday, but that isn't possible in this new life of ours. The only thing to do is to find the sweet part of missing days with your kids. Often, the sweet part of our life is the time we get to spend as a couple. We both know how hard it is to take time out of a busy family life for dates and trips together, nevermind the logistics of arranging care for the children. When our kids go to their other parent's house and we have time for just us, we make the most of it. Todd and I cherish the time we get together and how it reminds us of the love that we share that gets us through the busy days. This Christmas, we decided to take a trip to New York City. We left on Christmas Eve and took the train to Philly with Tate and Avarie. We met their dad in the train station in Philly so they could go spend Christmas with him. Todd and I changed trains and headed on into New York. We arrived late in the evening on Christmas Eve and found a small Irish pub that was still open. We sat down, took a breath and toasted to the wonderful holiday season we had enjoyed, then crashed out of sheer exhaustion!
We stayed in Chelsea at a fantastic Hilton, ate some delicious meals, and enjoyed some sights and shopping. We really didn't do as much as most tourists might want to, but we really just enjoyed sleeping in, time together walking around and people watching. Todd had made reservations at a few restaurants that he had researched (I'm so lucky!) and we caught up with Todd's friend Anuj who moved to the city last year. The weather was PERFECT!

Christmas Mass at St. Patrick's Catherdral - breathtaking

Rockefeller Center - we didn't skate, just people watched

Macy's - I dragged Todd in here and we braved our way all the way to the top floor where we (!) looked at china of all things. We also went to Lord & Taylor, and looked at all the other holiday windows.

Dinner at Ca Va, a french restaurant near the theater district that was delicious! We both can't wait to go back so we can eat here again.

First trip to Tiffany & Co which Todd had arranged in advance. It was very fitting because it was the only day that it rained, just like it was the night we got engaged. Todd had arranged to meet with the gemologist so we could see the engraving on my ring - amazing! It was so special and we had a champagne toast! Another amazing coincidence, the engagement floor manager who sat with us, grew up in Denver! So we really felt the stars smiling on us!

My Christmas present from Todd to commemorate our first trip to NYC

We had an absolute blast and cannot wait to go back. It's so nice to travel with someone you love!

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