Monday, May 11, 2009

Toothless Wonder

Well, here we go. As if I didn't feel like Tate was growing up way too fast already, he lost his first tooth on March 10. Yes, that is 17 days before his 5th birthday. He quit sucking his thumb in February and I have found myself to be very observant of his smile and how his teeth are slowly moving back into position after almost 5 years of the thumb. One day I noticed his bottom teeth were looking a bit bonky and asked if I could touch them. One was already noticeably wiggly! I asked if he had been wiggling them and he said no, like he was going to be in trouble or something. Well, about two weeks later the right one was barely hanging on. I tried to get it out but couldn't bear to pull the first one so I left him to work on it. Sure enough, laying in bed he pulled it right out!
Having taught kindergarten and first grade, most of my students were losing many teeth in those years so I thought Tate would probably lose his around the same time. Never did I dream it would be so early. I have friends whose kids are already in kindergarten and first grade and haven't lost a tooth yet. So, I had to ask around. The dentist told me that kids who get their teeth early as an infant often lose them early. Hmmmm....Tate got his first tooth at about 4 1/2 months and had a mouthful, including 2 year molars by about 17 months. He now already has his 6 year molars too.
So, the tooth fairy visited and left him a dollar and now we wait for the next one to wiggle some more.

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