Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Sale

Our house - all spruced up and ready for a new owner
The view from my front porch and dining room - yep, a playground in the cul de sac that I can see Tate playing with his friends

The backyard - LOVE the big trees!

Not even an hour after Derek drove away, I was making a list of everything we had to do to get the house ready to sell. I knew Derek wouldn't be back for a few weeks and I knew that I would have to buck up and do a lot of work to get the house looking great. By that night, I had been to the paint store, been digging in closets, cleaning and purging. I was lonely already and knew that staying busy and doing everything I could to get the house sold would get me back to Colorado sooner.
I had a giant list that I would try to check a few things off every day. After a few days I realized that this giant list was extremely overwhelming so I resorted to a list for each room. That was my little mind game - there was still just as much to do but each room looked manageable. I hired someone to come patch some things, repair my front door, replace a piece of siding - all the things that I didn't quite trust myself to do. The funniest was the first weekend when my friend Amy convinced me to mulch my flower beds. I kept telling her I wanted to do a few other things first and she insisted that I get it done because it would probably rain the rest of the month. So, I went to Lowe's, bought I think 30 bags of mulch and spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon spreading them. I was exhausted to say the least, but it felt so good to see how great it looked and know that I did it. I can't even remember everything I did now... I guess I should have been blogging while I did it. The only thing I do remember is that I was exhausted and my kids watched a lot of TV during those weeks, but it had to get done.
So, I slowly checked things off the lists, and finally met with a few realtors toward the end of March. Of course none of them had great news for us. But, we weren't expecting great news either so it made it a little easier to take.
Derek came home for Tate's birthday on March 27th, after struggling to get out of Denver in a huge snowstorm. He was very impressed with all the work I had done. Yes!!! He spent the WHOLE weekend cleaning out the garage, going to the dump and watching Avarie try to help him. He left to return to Denver and the realtor and I worked feverishly to get the house just right before I left on Monday.
It was a whirlwhind to say the least, but we got it done and the house looks fantastic!!! Now, just need a buyer! Keep your fingers crossed...
Here's a link to the listing (just in case any of you know someone looking.)
I love this house and would pick it up and move it to Colorado if I could. I love the floor plan, love the open-ness, love the sitting room in the master bedroom, love the park out front, love the big wooded lot. (I'm not even listing all of this because I am trying to sell it - these are features I genuinely love about this house.) I have loved living in Virginia and will miss many things about it, and I also look forward to so many things about moving back to Colorado.

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