Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh, Tater Tot...

I have been having one of those weeks as a mom where you can't believe how fast your little boy is growing up, yet also love how little he still is. Tate will be 5 in March and I am just amazed at how fast his little mind and body are growing. I am so impressed with all the news things he can do every day-new things he learns, new ways he can help, new things he says, new things he's outgrown. I had been thinking a lot about it on Sunday while he was napping (a perfect example of being almost big but still little). We put away all the Christmas stuff on Sunday and this year Tate was actually a REALLY big help. It was Derek's birthday and Tate offered to help so Daddy could get finished and watch football on his birthday. Tate let Avarie take an ornament off the tree then he would take it and put it in the right box. He was so careful carrying the antique glass ornaments of my mom's and putting them away. Then he went outside in the cold (damp cold) and pulled all the stakes out of the grass and took lights off the little shrubs. Derek and I both commented on how great it was to have a helper!

So, I'm thinking of all this while he naps, when he comes in to tell me he's awake and wants to check on the football game. I go in to turn it on in our sitting room and he has this perfect little boy, rosy face fresh up from a nap. You know the one? Eyes bright, cheeks flushed from sleep. With cheeks like those, we have had many days like this with Tate. That's when it struck me that he's not SO big yet. He sat on my lap and we checked on the playoff game and we chatted about getting Derek's presents wrapped and making a cake for after dinner. We talked about his thumb sucking and how he's working so hard to stop and every day he gets a sticker for his Indiana Jones Lego Wii. This is probably the biggest piece of little Tate that's leaving. I know it's time, and I'm the one that promised the new Wii game. But that little thumb in the mouth when they are sleepy is just shmoopy, but the lingering orthodontist bill is not.

Here he is saying, "OK, mom, enough pictures."

Now helping me make the cake. He loves to help me in the kitchen, especially when I'm making something without eggs so he can lick the bowl. So today was Tate-safe chocolate cake. He measures and stirs all the dry ingredients and then waits at the sink for the bowl and beaters.

Here he is writing Derek's birthday card. I was cleaning up from the cake and he brought the supplies in the kitchen to work. I could hear him repeating what he wanted to write over and over and sounding each word out then re-reading what he had already written. I thought he had a pretty good handle on it and was SHOCKED at what he had written when I walked over. I can't believe I have a kid old enough to write this stuff on his own, yet am so proud that he can already write this stuff on his own. As a former (and someday again) teacher, I do wonder what kindergarten will be like for him next year. I am already preparing myself to be MOM and not get too hyped up as TEACHER.

Anyhow, Tate's card says "When the sun is out then we can ride our bike I love you from Tate"

I know my teacher friend Kris reads my blog...so Kris, am I in trouble or what?


Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Holy crap! I know we say it over and over but 'can you believe what lil 'people' these kids are?' I love it when they surpise/amaze you with something new (sometimes daily)!

Melissa said...

They grow up so fast! It's so amazing when they do something so grown up. And then they can do something the next minute that reminds you just how little they really are.

Steph Brown said...

Oh I almost choked up reading your post, thinking of my little man (who still has a while to catch up with Tate) and how fast this all goes. I could barely deal with the first haircut yesterday. Happy New Year to you guys!

kris said...

I think your son is gifted....tell the kindergarten teachers to watch out.

Love reading your blog Molly. Sounds like you are doing well and the kids are adorable! Miss you!

Kris (your teacher friend:)