Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More September

I knew as I was writing those entries that something was missing. After Amy left, my Aunt Penny and Uncle Jack came to visit for a few days. They live in Florida and were up north for their class reunions and some other visits and came to Richmond to see us for a few days. They have 10 grandkids and my kids were thrilled to have someone to play with again! I haven't seen them in a couple years and it was great to have them here. My aunt sews and smocks the most beautiful dresses and there is a fabric store here that she likes. So, we went there one day while Tate was at preschool. It was kind of a rainy week so we were limited in what we could do, but it really was great to have them visit. We are hoping to get down to Florida to visit them sometime soon!


Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

It's about time you posted something new on your blog. Love all the pics and stories. Thanks for the well wishes! We still need to chat about our trip out east. Love you all, Ang & Co.

Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

You have been busy little Mattilas! I was missing your blog updates, so I'm glad I got a lot in one dose! Love you!!