Monday, June 16, 2008

Strawberry Picking

We took a field trip to Chesterfield Berry Farm a few weeks ago to enjoy some berry pickin'. It is a HUGE farm about 10 minutes from our house that can drain our wallets every season with fresh produce and fun for the kiddies. They know how to make the kids happy with jumpy castles, petting zoo, wagon trains, hay rides and strawberry canons. After all the fun and animals, we finally convinced Tate that we should head out to the patch for some strawberries.
I have never seen so many strawberries! This was the first time we had been, but from what other people were saying, this is one of the best years EVER! My neighbor had told me she picked like 30 pounds of berries and I couldn't understand. As you can see, with that many berries on the plants, it's not hard. Tate and Derek filled up the boxes while I held Avarie, who still wasn't walking.

When I couldn't hold Miss 27 Lbs anymore, I set her down and she lit up with happiness! She thought we brought her to the buffet and let out a loud "Mmmmmmmm! Dat!" as she pointed to all the berries. She and Tate ate and ate and ate and we picked a picked and picked.

I think we ended up with about 20 pounds of berries, but I think they should have weighed my kids and charged me by the pound for them too.

It was a great day and we enjoyed strawberry pie, strawberries with yummies (sugar and half and half), and even froze some. We can't wait for the other farm near by to be ready for blueberry picking!


Steph & Dave said...

What a fun thing to do! Michael is very fond of strawberries this summer - so I am jealous you went home with 20 pounds of them.

Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

Okay - we are the masters of music matching! You especially did an awesome job! I want to go to a berry field - it looks like so much fun!