Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Master Tate

Well, in case you hadn't heard, kids grow up way faster than you think they will. Our recent proof is in Master Tate Jackson and his many amazing talents. He has added chocolate fountain expert to the list, as illustrated on Mother's Day at brunch at The Boathouse. It may look like he's auditioning for the chubby cheeked version of The Cure or Fall Out Boy, but it's just a huge marshmallow dipped in yummies!

Next up, he's finally able to drive the red mustang by himself . . . without running over your toes, the curb, or the neighbor's lawn. He's gotten so good that I've allowed him to take Avarie with him. Of course, she giggles with delight and she's in charge of the music (which is a little questionable for something manufactured by Fisher Price).

And, last but not least, he's a budding artist! Becoming an artist is on his short list of "when I grow ups" and he's well on his way after his Spring Art Show at preschool. They sang a few songs and had their art on display around the gym for us to enjoy while we ate dinner together. My teacher friends will appreciate the "Product for Parents," and I love every last bit of it, especially because his teachers always tell me he has to do something to his project to make it different than everyone else's, hee hee. (Well, I guess I hope his teachers never read this blog now.)


Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Tate looks too funny with that choclate in his mouth. And you better watch out, he'll be pickin' up chicks in that mustang :)

Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

I love the music - we are such technological geniuses!!