Sunday, March 2, 2008

Avarie's 1st Birthday

I feel like every month flies by faster than the last one. At least this month felt faster, but there were only 29 days, right?

We started the month off by having tubes put in Avarie's ears to ease her ear infections. It was quick and easy (for us), and not too bad for her either. She was a trooper and is like a new baby now! Happy and comfortable at night again! That's happiness for all of us. Now we are all counting down to the end of cold and flu season here - only a few weeks to go!

Tate celebrated Valentine's Day at preschool on the 13th with a party, treats and a bag full of cards. We made cards with paint and a foam meat tray - very crafty for me! He wrote his name on all 24 cards, and one of his little Valentines was convinced that he had made a special one just for her with pink paint. Too cute! He loved opening all the cards when he got home. He's become quite the little artist, drawing mommy all kinds of pictures including a dishwasher that "transforms" into a house. Today he was using every marker he could find to draw balloons just how he wants them at his birthday party. Soon enough!

Valentine's Day quickly left us as we now have a birthday to celebrate in February - Avarie Sue turned 1 on February 18. We had planned to have Ally here and have a little get together with some neighbors here, but Ally got sick and didn't make it and our neighbors kids' got the flu. So, it was a family dinner with Derek's delicious roast, chocolate cake and homemade ice cream! She opened her 4 presents we bought her, and was happy as could be! On Monday, her actual birthday, she and Tate went to My Gym for class where we sang to her and she smiled and clapped along.

Tate is finally realizing that Avarie is going to be trouble once she starts walking. He used to escape her on the stairs, but Derek taught her to do those, so now she's right behind him. We tried putting things out of reach on the coloring table and on the couch, but now she can reach those. She cruises around the couch and tables. Those first steps could come any day! In the mean time, they are so happy together and love camping in Tate's tent in the living room. I heard Tate tell her in the tent the other day, "Avarie - you are my bestest buddy and sister." Melt my heart!
Here's a link to some pics from this month -
I understand from a few of you that those pictures were tough to see (too small) so here's another link to a new place I'm storing pictures to share. You have to type in mattila as the password.

The daffodils are up here so we are sending spring cheer to all our family and friends!


Dave, Steph and Michael said...

Happy 1st Birthday (belated) to Avarie! The kids are precious - and get so much bigger with each update. I know what you mean about the time flying - our little man will be 1 soon and it is hard to imagine that it's even possible.
Love, Steph

Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Yeah! Love the pics and am jealous of the spring flowers you have! Hugs and kisses to you and the kids, Ang

Tami said...

Looks like everyone is well! I miss you terribly!! Happy Spring,

The Tuttle's

Davin said...

Sorry that I missed her 1st B-Day. Happy Birthday Avarie. I have a package in the mail for the cutie. Let me know when you get it.