Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Must be winter . . .

Well, the cold season finally found us! Since my last posting, it has been one thing after another - ear infections for Avarie, then croup for both of them - with only a few days to breathe in between each. All in all, it isn't so bad and Tate's asthma and overall health seems to really be improving. The allergist even said that he may be ready for an inhaler this spring; that would be heaven to replace the 15 minute nebulizer sessions. Avarie and her ears however are a different story. After two infections that have each lasted 6 to 8 weeks and been stubborn to several rounds of antibiotics, the pediatrician recommended that we see an ENT who recommended that she have tubes put in. Hopefully that will take place next week and then we will see some improvement. Derek and I have managed to avoid their colds for the most part, which is good since we rotate who gets up with them!

Other than the health challenges, everyone continues to grow before our eyes and amaze us with new things everyday. Tate has finally settled down at school and is LOVING all the things he is learning. Today he got to wear his pajamas to school and have hot cocoa. He loves to count on the calendar and even has his own calendar in his room that he has written important happenings on - he'll keep me in line as to what's going on each week! Derek and I feel like he has an ever expanding vocabulary; he even told me on one trip to the doctor for Avarie that he was "exhausted" of her being sick! Oh boy!

Avarie is a speed demon on her hands and knees and, for that reason, seems to be in no rush to walk. (Thank goodness!) She loves to do ANYTHING her big brother is doing - play hot wheels, trains, legos, blocks, and wrestle with daddy and Tate. I'm afraid a pretty princess she will never be! She has a few words - Tate (Tat), Dada, Mama, dog, and the ever present UH OH! We are thankful everyday for the two of them and, as we tell them, "We are so glad they came to live at our house!"

Two sick kids, Circuit City budget time and the daily grind haven't left much time for other adventures. You can see in the picture, we did celebrate Derek's 33rd birthday with a cake Tate and I made. Derek went to San Diego for our friend Dan's wedding and then to Las Vegas for CES in January. I have been busy helping to plan the community social events for the spring. We spent a weekend finishing a few projects in Tate's room (poor kid - it only took 2 years!) and now mommy just needs to paint some details. We went to Washington DC for the Auto Show and a driving tour of some sights. Derek still has not been there for the tourist attractions, but he says at least now he's seen the White House, Washington Monument, Capitol, and Petagon. Maybe this spring as it gets warmer we can make it up there again for a longer visit.
We hope all our friends a family around the country and globe are well. Leave us a comment and let us know you were here!


Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Dang the sicknesses! I hope your kiddos are on the mend! Everyone I know whose kids have had tubes have seen an immediate improvement, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and lil Avarie! We've been lucky to have just 2 little colds (knock on wood). The twins are speed deamons too, Hudson more than Hailey of course! They walk behind the ride-on-walk-behind lion and car but not on their own yet. They do manage to bang up the walls quite nicely though and look at me like "a lil help here please." We miss you! Much love, Ang

Dave, Steph and Michael said...

Hopefully you guys are past the colds! I'm recovering from a nasty sinus infection and Michael has a seemingly endless runny nose and cough! Michael crawls on all fours occasionally but seems to default to his combat crawl - which is pretty fast I might add. We're heading to Denver next week and can't wait. Hopefully we will make it up to your neck of the woods one day soon. Miss you guys!