Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday, Enzo

Enzo hit the double toothpicks this year and celebrated with friends and a trip to Laser Quest. He is such a great oldest kid - empathetic, smart, sensitive, and witty. He has made Honor Roll for as long as I've known him and still comes in to give us hugs good night, right on the dot at 9:30. He requested an Oreo version of the cheesecake that Todd had made for New Years. Todd and I absolutely LOVE to make our kids' birthday cakes and this cake was delicious!
We shuttled the boys up to do some laser tag and the girls and I did some grocery shopping while they played. We picked up some sweaty boys and headed home for cake and presents.

Enzo and the boys clowning around at Laser Quest - Westin, Dylan, Christian, Matthew, Colby, Tate and Enzo

Enzo and his Oreo Cheesecake, per request

Enzo and his new Redskins gear

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