Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall Fun

It's been a fun and busy fall in Virginia! We have enjoyed school, soccer, ballet and beautiful fall days. I am officially living with Todd and his kids while we still wait and hope that my house on Kipper Turn will sell. (Yes, that was a giant sigh you heard!) It's a busy and happy life with 5 kids one week and 2 kids the next - always an adjustment and always an adventure. The boys (Enzo 10, Westin 7, and Tate 6) played soccer this fall. We fanagled to get Westin and Tate on the same team and they did fantastic! Scored lots of goals, learned to dribble the ball and work as a team. They were both very sad when it ended. Enzo played on a more competitive level being a few years older and I think we all enjoyed the change of pace Enzo's games offered. Let's just say it's a bigger field, and there's a little more strategy involved other than trying to keep the kids spread out away from the ball. All three boys made "Todd's Honor Roll" with stellar report cards. They are Pokemon bandits and are constantly playing, trading, and training although Todd and I can't understand any of what they are talking about. We just smile and nod and know that they're having fun. They love to play outside, typical boys, and Tate learned to ride a two-wheeler finally!

I decided it was time to let Avarie have a chance to try something out too. She and Ava take ballet once a week and are too cute! I'm not quite sure how much the are learning, but they do enjoy going and we will be treated to a recital in June. They are both doing fantastic at school. They love playing make believe, puppies and kitties, coloring and legos. They are too funny and we often call them Frick n Frack, or when they're having a little hen party in the bathroom I call them Ethel and Margaret because they have this secret little language like little old ladies.

I'm still teaching preschool at Greenwood Country Day School and I am teaching the 4's class again this year. I have 18 students and they are a delight. I'm working more this year, staying through nap every day which is both a positive and negative some days. I enjoy having the time to work in my classroom and get planning done, but feel bad that Avarie can't get a good long nap in her own bed. Oh well, we are adjusting and I feel so fortunate to have a good job with great benefits in that I get to have Avarie right next door. Other than work, being a mom takes the top priority. I am still selling on eBay, walking 3 or more miles a day, cooking and baking. Todd and I love to go out and try new restaurants. We recently ate a a tiny restaurant called Mezzanine that was delicious!!! He and some guys in the neighborhood are playing in a band (he was a drummer in a successful local band a while back) and they have played at a couple parties in the neighborhood. I enjoy that they practice in Todd's basement because it's fun to have live music underneath the kitchen while you do Sunday chores.

All in all, it's been a great fall and we are anxious to head into winter - hoping for some snow like last year!

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