Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summa Summa Summa

Whew! So I hear that Thursday is the first day of Fall? Really?!?! Well, I suppose I better get a little summer update on here then.

I see that my last post was from June 11, which is exactly one week before Tate's last day of kindergarten, and 8 days before Tate and Avarie left for the summer. Tate had a great kindergarten year, and Avarie grew up so much during her 2 year old preschool year. They were excited to spend the summer with their dad in Colorado, a little nervous about being away from mommy that long, but excited just the same. The end of preschool for me, the end of school for Tate, a birthday visit from my dad, and just life in general didn't give me much time to get upset before they left. (Although I'm sure Todd would say that I shed my fair share of tears.) At any rate, we met Derek in DC on June 18 and the kids flew back with him in time for Father's Day.
The first week was torture, to say the least. I remember Monday morning waking up early to go for my morning walk, and coming back to Todd's expecting a kitchen full of hungry kids, just like every other day. Kids smiling and happy that I am a morning person and am happy to cater to them for breakfast. I walked in and it was silent. No kids. Not mine. Not his. Just quiet. I know there are lots of moms (and dads) who ache for a break, just a day of peace and quiet. I know that I have my moments where I need space, but I have never been a mom who wants to get away from my kids. So, a morning of silence in what is usually a noisy, happy kitchen was painful. I cried immediately. Todd was so sweet, and I knew that I would make it through the summer, and tried to remind myself that this was a chance to take some time for me. Things I didn't expect to be difficult were awful - laundry, grocery shopping, going all the places I usually take my kids in the summer.
Fortunately, I chose to work quite a bit this summer while my kids were away. So, those quiet mornings were quickly filled with hurried hugs and coffee handoffs as I headed to work at 7:30am. At work, I got to get my kid fix with all the sweet faces of summer day care. I also got to get lots of time with Todd's kids every other week, and got a chance to do some fun summer things with them - spend afternoons at the pool, go to the library, outings to Whole Foods, and more. Todd spoiled me ROTTEN with dinners and evenings out to restaurants I'd never been to, concerts, long lazy weekends at the pool and more! We really enjoyed our time together, and he was so sweet waiting up for me to talk to my kids every night. I couldn't believe how fast the days flew by and before I knew it, it was mid-July and Todd and I were headed to Colorado to see the kids.
We got to spend a fun evening with my best college buddies, their husbands and kids. We laughed til we cried, as usual. Ally and Angie and I still know how to wrangle the kids, keep our guys on their toes and have a good time. My life is so much sweeter with friends like them!
My dad picked us up in Denver and drove us all the way back to Ridgway so we could enjoy time with Papa and Nana too. We got an unexpected surprise to join us in Ridgway - Heather broke her leg and needed some help and R&R so she and baby Boden spend the week with us too. Ridgway was great - a chance to soak up every minute with my kids, a chance for Todd to get to know my family, and a chance to enjoy gorgeous Colorado summer in the mountains. We spent a day in Silverton, drove to Telluride, swam in the hot springs, saw lots of wildlife and farm life, and just enjoyed the company. I couldn't have asked for a better place to spend the week. Good food, good wine, lots of smiles!
*sigh* That's only half...

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Love it! And miss you! I finally posted to my blog too!