Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day is a tough one for me. Even though I am a mom and that role is now central to my identity, I still have such strong and fond memories of my mom, especially on Mother's Day, that I find myself trying still celebrating her on Mother's Day. I know I wouldn't be the mom I am without the mom I had. My fondest memory of Mother's Day growing up was the big brunch that my family hosted every year. It was a big group of extended friends and family, with the favorite brunch menu that they had crafted and perfected over many years. Green chile eggs, sticky cinnamon rolls, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, fruit salad, coffee cake, bacon and sausage cooked at the grill. There was juice for the kids and plenty of champagne for juice for the adults. I can still picture the warm spring days spent honoring the mothers in my life. That's what I've learned over time, especially since my mom died, Mother's Day is about celebrating the moms in your life.
I decided to celebrate Mother's Day this year with brunch, my favorite meal of any day, just one that you only seem to eat on special occasions. Enter one fantastically fantastic day...sleep in, get breakfast for the kiddies, make cinnamon rolls, take a long walk by myself, spend the day on the deck in the sun with my kids, take a nap (possibly induced my the champagne in the morning), cuddle in bed with the two yummiest kids ever. Really?!?! It was that good. Brunch at Todd's with Bridgette and her family, and their parents was delicious, of course. I was SPOILED by Todd and my kids who got me two new necklaces - one that says mom with a stone for each of my kids birth month and one from my favorite jewelry store The Golden Bear.
I couldn't ask for more as a mom - healthy, happy kids who make me smile everyday and having people in my life who make me a better mom everyday.

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