Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mama Mia...It's Pizza Night!

I know every mom out there can agree that dinner time can be a real adventure sometimes. I am proud to say that I have two very good eaters who will try just about anything and eat all kinds of crazy things. I can't exactly pinpoint how this happened, but I am grateful every time I have a sushi craving and I know that my kids are more than happy to accompany me for some sticky rice and seaweed. That being said, they also like the good ol' childhood faves including pizza. Todd is a great cook (and I do pretty well too) and the kids all eat pretty much anything we serve, but we decided to indulge their wants and let them make their own pizzas this week. It was an easy dinner and they each got a chance to create what they wanted for dinner. An assembly line would have been too messy and someone would have gotten more cheese, or not enough sauce, or who knows what shortage might have occurred. We thought we were giving them each a chance to make a quick pizza but when they were finished, we smiled at each of their pizzas because it was so illustrative of each of their personalities. So the little girls went first and created a perfect cheesy masterpiece with 3 cute little pepperonis. As you can see, they ate more pepperoni than they put on their pizza. Tate was up next and got the sauce and cheese just perfect. But his pepperoni is arranged in a perfect circle with one in the middle. He likes things in order, arranged, and under control - everything has its place. Westin's sauce and cheese were a cinch, and he threw his pepperoni on like he was putting whipped cream on a sundae, and then a little more cheese on top of that. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it just is, which is how the rest of Westin is - if it's workin, let it work. Enzo went last which is a rarity for the oldest, or so I've been told. He wanted to see what the others had done, and created his pizza accordingly. He also arranged his pepperoni in what I would call a neat and organized way - 3 rows of 3. When we put them all together to put them in the oven, we stopped to make sure we would be able to tell the pizzas apart, because if there's one thing we've learned it's that they ALWAYS know whose is whose. We smiled and laughed when we leaned over to look at the pizzas and realized that telling them apart would be no problem, just like it's no problem to tell them apart in real life. Each with their own special talents, quirks and gifts. Pretty sure pizza night was a hit because there wasn't much left to take for lunch the next day.

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