Sunday, March 7, 2010

Avarie turns 3!

Avarie Sue celebrated her 3rd birthday on February 18 (yes, I'm a little behind). Her dad came to visit the weekend before and they celebrated with cake and a few presents. We celebrated the next Sunday when we could celebrate with the 8 kids Avarie spends most of her time with - Todd's 3 kids and Bridgette and Gavin's 3 kids and Avarie's beloved Tater Tot of course. We kept the celebration simple, which was probably a good thing since I picked out an awesome "Wonder Pets" cake that took Todd all day to make. It looked simple enough and he had already started it so I figured I would just let him make the masterpiece, and it turned out amazing!!! (He says I'm on my own for Tate's Super Mario Brothers cake.) Avarie LOVED it and we all ooohed and aaaahed at how great it tasted. The kids enjoyed their cake and helped Avarie open presents, including a new pink scooter, a SuperWhy computer, a princess puppet and more pieces to her Swan Palace. It's amazing that my baby is already 3, yet I still remember being pregnant with her and the anticipation of her arrival like it was yesterday. She is happy, healthy, and growing like crazy. At her 3 year check up, she was 36 pounds and 37 inches tall, and doing all the things a 3 year old should do. She loves school, loves her teachers and loves playing outside. She loves playing pretend, and she and Ava have a funny pet/vet/go to the beach game that is hilarious. Unfortunately, she has been battling ear infections again and the doctor and I decided that she should see the ENT again about tubes. In the big scheme, it's no big deal, just another part of being a kid. I love her to pieces and am loving the little girl she's become.
Happy Birthday, Avarie Sue!

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