Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Dinner

Although the past month has been difficult since Circuit City announced their liquidation, we have really enjoyed having our daddy home almost every night for dinner. It's been great to have him at the table with me and the kids most nights since his work day is shorter. He has also been able to witness some of the dinnertime antics that two kids can muster up. I think sometimes he thinks it's a bit crazy as they both come running to the table, but he happily sits down and then cleans up after. Happiness!
Well, the kids have had colds, so time for some good old chicken soup. I made it yesterday afternoon and we were happy to be able to add the yummy wide egg noodles to the soup, instead of the egg free ones we used to have to eat. We often comment on Avarie's strange dislike of certain toddler favorites. For example, melted cheese, and often cheese in general. What toddler doesn't like cheese? So, as the kids were eating their soup, I noticed each of them after particular things in thier soup. Tate slurped up those yummy noodles so fast, and then picked through the carrots and chicken. Avarie ho hummed for a few minutes, slurping broth from the spoon. Tate kept saying, "Avarie, eat the noodles. They're slurpy and yummy." She eventually picked out all the carrots, celery, onions and chicken. Then proceded to pick up her bowl to drink the broth. Seriously?
So, then here's her bowl...she left every single one of those noodles in there. Don't most kids only eat the noodles?

And, here's Tate's bowl...not a noodle in sight, but every onion is in there and a few carrots.
Just had to share, more for my own memory than anything else. Leftovers tonight...wonder if she will try the noodles.

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Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Too funny! Both my kids took to drinking their milk out of their cereal bowls by tipping them up pretty early on...now it's common practice. Somedays we drink all the milk first and then eat the cereal, some days it's the other way around.