Thursday, October 9, 2008

God Love 'Em!!!

I always knew wanted to be a mom, but there are some days I could just eat mine up!!! Yesterday was one of those days. After preschool, my kids spent about 30 minutes ruining the squirrels' winter by collecting acorns around the oak tree by the driveway. I have to admit that I wasn't really paying attention and didn't think much of it when Tate asked for a bag. He went in and got one, me still not paying attention to the fact that he had a gallon ziploc bag, not the usual sandwich size! So, the rule is that the acorns have to stay outside (I'm afraid critters will smell them and want to get in the garage) so this HUGE bag of acorns is sealed outside in a planter. It's a terribly cruel joke on the squirrels on Kipper Turn. Maybe they will undertstand that the bad economy affects them too!
Next up, Avarie as the next Immelda Marcos . . .

Derek and I love to play card games with Tate before bed, so last night we were deep in our 3rd game on UNO and Avarie often wanders around while we play. The child LOVES shoes. If we are out shopping and go into the shoe section, she squeals with delight and shouts, "Choos, Choos!" Derek does not understand the dangerous connection between shoes and Choos and I think we should keep it that way. I knew she was in the shoe basket (not unusual) but about died when I walked over and she had EVERY pair out and paired up and had probably tried on all of them. (That picture does not show all the shoes she eventually had out.) What's even better is the pair she finally chose as the perfect finishing touch to her outfit . . . Tate's DIRTY Keen sandals!
I don't think this look will make it in the pages of "In Style" or on Project Runway, but her ultimate happiness came when she realized she had pockets too! Strike a pose, Sas!
God love 'em!

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Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Too funny! Hailey has a thing for shoes too, we better not let the two of them get together. Love Ang