Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fourth of July

Yes, it was a few weeks back, but just haven't gotten to sitting long enough to update.

We had a quiet holiday weekend with a little pool time, a little neighborhood parade, and a barbecue with friends. The parade was in a nearby neighborhood and we went with some friends from My Gym - Evan, Brennan and Olivia and their families. The kids were thrilled to catch candy from the various Boy Scout troops, local politicians, and convertibles. The best was when someone dressed as Uncle Sam came by and Tate shouted, "Santa Claus!" The kids played and ate, the adults laughed, the food was great - what more could you ask for? Avarie was working on a nasty sinus infection so she was not up for fireworks, but Tate and daddy went over to the causeway on the reservoir and fished and watched the fireworks. I was quite happy with the Washington, DC fireworks on TV - no bugs, no bug spray, no hoomidity, AC and a cocktail on the couch - need I say more? I only have a few pictures - it's hard to be the photographer now that Avarie is walking (running).

Hope you had a great holiday wherever you were too!


Jeff, Angela and the twins said...

Pretty soon it'll be Happy Labor Day...I know what you mean about "keeping up" with little walkers/runners! Much love, Ang

Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

I LOVE the song - great choice! I hope someday we'll be able to catch the fourth in DC as one big whole group!


I can't believe how mature Tate is looking and how cute Avarie is! Hope you are staying cool. Love you, Tami