Thursday, April 10, 2008

How old are you? Almost 5!

No, you aren't counting wrong, Tate only turned 4 a few weeks ago. But this was his response to everyone when they asked how old he was. As you can see in the pictures, we even tried dressing him in a shirt with a big 4 on it so he would remember. No such luck!

Although he's almost 5, Tate celebrated a wonderful 4th birthday on March 27th! On his actual day, the weather was a GOREGEOUS 80 so we played at the park with best buddy Grant. They hung like monkeys, and threw sticks to the ducks. "Why don't they get the sticks, mommy? What's wrong duckies? Eat sticks, it's my birthday!" I don't know whether to plan ahead next time and bring bread, or enjoy his frustration that the ducks won't be bossed around, birthday or not. Oh well! That evening, we went to our favorite pizza place and then opened a few presents when we got home. Legos are HUGE at our house right now, so he was thrilled to have more to build things with and a new box to look at. He loves to build the different things pictured on the box. Another favorite gift - a new Lightning McQueen game for V-Smile. Score!

Sunday March 30th, we saddled up and had a farm party at our house. Tate settled on a few friends from preschool (not the whole class and town of Moseley as he wanted) and we planned a big barnyard bash with hayrides, games, treats and more. A friend and coworker of Derek's loaned us a tractor and hay; ebay and Pottery Barn Kids supplied everything that I wasn't creative enough to think of myself, and we were all set for the big day! Well, not so fast, 80 degrees on Thursday transformed to 40 and rainy by Sunday. So the pictures may look like we had a WWE party for 4 year olds, but I assure you there were farm games, crafts, and a few hay rides! All in all, it was a great day and I think all the boys had fun. Ally convinced me that I could make a beautiful cake creation just like her. "No, you don't need to go to the class. It will be fine. I promise!" I did it, it just took 2 and a half hours to frost that tractor cake. But, I'm hooked and already asking around for when I can make another one. A BIG thanks to the Bickford family for coming back from Spring Break early to celebrate and so Rick could be our photographer, THANK YOU!
So, there is a new album with TONS of pictures at
Up next . . . a trip to Denver!

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Mike, Ally, Ella & Deegan said...

Oh my gosh! He is such a big boy! The party looks like it was so much fun and I am so proud of your cake decorating abilities! See you soon!